Theatre at the University of Arts

The place full of sounds, verbal exercises and reciting phrases from the poems coming out from the doors, this is the corridor of the State University of Arts, situated on Rustaveli Avenue. The corridor ends with the hard metal door, followed with the long stairs going down.

Atmosphere is gloomy, walls painted decades ago. The air turns humid, as the stairs are coming down to the cellar. The stairs end facing the door covered with leather.

After opening the door, one long step is enough to be on the stage, four-five meters in length and three meters in depth. There are no curtains on the stage. On the opposite side of the stage, there is the place for audience, 40/50 seats divided into two parts. Seats are covered with brown leather.

The walls are covered with grey velvet, with mirrors fixed on the right wall. The light is weak unless projectors are turned on. But the smell of acrid dust and dampness is strong.

At the right corner stairs are leading to the balcony, creating roof over the seats. Balcony is the wardrobe for stage requisites. The clothes of different colors, suitcases, umbrellas, old shoes and coats, hats and gloves, with the bitter smell of old dusty things are kept in a mess there. But the place is more important than that. The mechanism for lighting and musical assistance to the performance are also fixed at the balcony. But it has more dignities. During the performance the actor can appear unexpectedly, rushing down from the balcony to the stage.

This is the Theatre for students with tiny, but all its components, where students try to make classical and modern plays alive.

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