Protesters meet Public Broadcaster

Public Broadcaster General Director Levan Kubaneishvili made a decision to hold discussions with opposition leaders. Levan Gachechiladze, Zviad Dzidziguri and Koba Davtashvili are currently meeting with him.

After 4 p.m., some opposition leaders together with the protesters moved away from planned protests at Parliament and towards the Georgian Public Broadcaster, demanding that the channel broadcast the demonstration live. Kostava Street is almost blocked by the protesters. Conservative Party member Bezhan Gunava attempted to break into the broadcaster’s building.

Though they broadcast the program during their regular news hours at 12 and 4 p.m. and had plans to show the protest at 8 p.m., they did not, as opposition organizers demand, show the protests live consistently between 2 p.m.-8 p.m. The facility is protected by the police and Special Forces who are located throughout the building.

Otherwise, the protests went without major incident. By 4 p.m tens of thousands of people have gathered in front of the Parliament building demanding the President Saakashvili’s resignation.

Almost all leaders of oppositional parties have addressed the protesters saying they will continue political protests until their main demand will not be fulfilled. Most speeches were met with cheers, with the loudest for Levan Gachechiladze and Irakli Alasania. The protesters met Nino Burjanadze with whistles.

Poet Dato Magradze read the statement written by the opposition saying that this is the last chance for the government and they have to put the interests of country higher than their own interests.


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